Ask Neuro and Yako

Yako and Neuro: We both like this holiday so we have no regrets~!

(( I managed to trick a few people didn’t I huh?  Well, you should’ve looked at the calendar and saw it coming~!  I mean, it was out of the random, out of the blue and on the 1st day of April; obvious despite the continuous confirming.

But I don’t regret anything.  Yeah I freaked some people out and lost a follower on my main but again, I don’t regret making the joke in the first place.  I don’t get to fool people often so to be able to do this made me giddy.  You don’t know how bad I was laughing while making that video.

But this blog is alive!  I’m still working on Neuro eating all that food.  Only a jerk would leave during something like that!  I might be a bitch but I’m not a jerk. ;P  Here’s to more fun and excitement with this blog everybody.  

I love you, my devoted followers~!

~Mod Holly ))